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Spice up your business with advanced email signature

Easily create signatures and dynamic banners for email footers, tailored for your team or entire company.

Time saving

Sleek templates for time-saving

Brand support

Brand support and competitive advantage

Easy implementation

Easy implementation and work with signatures

Automatic banner

Automatic banner loading for employees

How it works

Three simple steps to signature success

Take a sneak peek at the process where creating a signature template, inviting the team, and managing banners is child's play.

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Empowering big companies

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All signatures

All signatures
in one dashboard

Employee overview

Easy signature management

Send your employees a link to generate their signature. They'll be able to do it effortlessly in no time.

Banner updates

Update all banners in signatures
with just one click

Banner management

Automated Banner Updates

Banners in signatures auto-update from one central point, eradicating manual changes for all employees or colleagues.

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Works seamlesly
with all mail clients

Major email clients

Universal compatibility with email platforms

Our signature generator is designed to work flawlessly across a wide range of email clients, ensuring a consistent experience whether you use Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, and others.

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What gets measured
gets improved

Measure the success of clicks from banners. Modify, enhance, and increase their effectiveness.


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Custom signature design

Craving a unique touch? Let us craft a custom email signature template tailored just for you!